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10 alarming things that every pregnant women should know

July 8, 2021
Tips for how to Take Care Of Pregnancy

10 alarming things that every pregnant women should know

Nowadays a pregnant lady knows how to take care of her pregnancy alone through the internet. It is important to take care of pregnant women to adopt a healthy, strong, and intelligent baby. By maintaining some healthy pregnancy tips, she will be healthy, and it will increase the possibility of successful delivery.

Signs of a healthy pregnancy

You will see some physical changes during pregnancy. At first, you will see the periods are off, and missed periods will give you all about pregnancy news. It is the very beginning sign of pregnancy. 

Some symptoms will give you new romance. When your embryo increases slowly, your weight will be gained and increase the pregnancy belly growth. Embryo’s heartbeat may be heard from the fifth week of pregnancy, and it will be 100 to 160 beats per minute. After five-month your baby starts to move, then you feel an incredible thrill outside. You should know from your doctor the baby’s correct position and growth. Usually, a fetus grows two inches every month, and finally, a baby’s weight may be  3 kg at the time of born. Throughout the 9th month of pregnancy, your neonate turns into a head-first position as they get ready for successful delivery. You may take an ultrasonogram to know the baby’s position.  For hormonal changes, you may feel pain in your breast in the first month. You may say these are the symptoms of a healthy pregnancy.

Besides, some changes you will see while pregnant, such as dizziness, nausea, or vomiting, may start any morning or night. You may feel tired from vomiting. You may interest in eating some dishes, and some are not concern about eating. Again, Sometimes you may dislike your favorite word during pregnancy and may not be able to smell it.

Bad signs of pregnancy

When you try to get pregnant, you should be aware of some tips because these are alarming signs of pregnancy.

Age: Age is the main factor of a healthy pregnancy. May  Before 20 and after 40 years are at risk of pregnancy.

Weight: If you are overweight or underweight, both of them will risk your pregnancy.

Bleeding: If bleeding starts before delivery, consult a genealogist quickly.

Burning of urination: Burning of urination is one of the alarming signs of pregnancy.

Headaches: While pregnant, headaches occur for many reasons. It may be stress, or cold catches, or high blood pressure. So please don’t ignore it.

The pain of the lower abdomen: If there is pain in the lower abdomen for any reason.  Don’t think it is a normal phenomena. Take advice from your doctor immediately.

Swollen feet: You may see your legs or fingers are swollen. If you see puffiness, you must take advice immediately from your doctor. It is a bad sign of pregnancy.

Moving: A newborn baby starts to move in the womb from the age of five-month. If the baby moves more or less, both are at risk for the baby. So it would help if you were alert and checked up regularly with your doctor.

Convulsions: If you feel fever with disruptions, you should consult with a doctor immediately. Disorder during pregnancy may risk miscarriage and make other complications for pregnant mothers and their babies.

Ten new healthy pregnancy tips for the first month.

1. Eat a nutrient-balanced diet:  A pregnant mother gives necessary nutrients for her embryo from her own stomach. As a result, pregnant mothers lose their nutrients. So, pregnant mothers should take care of their balanced diet and add more handfuls of food.

 Neonate babies ‘ health depends on expectant mothers’ food habits. Good food keeps good performance for overall health and is also good for the baby’s shiny skin. Though the baby’s skin colour depends on the parents’ genes, some pregnancy food tips help the baby’s skin white tone. A pregnant lady should eat the following foods to have a fair baby.

Best foods to have a fair baby

Milk: Milk plays a vital role in building a solid physical structure during pregnancy. It also helps to cure the colour of skin. You may add some saffron to get more benefits. 

Egg: It is also an essential food to eat during pregnancy. A boiled egg helps to fill nutrients with a newborn baby’s brain development. Besides, it helps to have bright colours.

Cherry Fruit: It has a high antioxidant. Cherry helps to lose weight simultaneously, which boosts beautiful colour to the baby during pregnancy too.

Almonds: Almonds are rich in vitamin E. It can provide mind-blowing colours for the baby. Simultaneously, almonds can fill up a quantity of protein.

Orange: Orange can meet vitamin C requirements and is good for the skin. It can help you be hydrated and develop glowing skin for the baby in the pregnancy period. 

Banana: Banana can reduce nausea and vomiting in the first trimester. It contains fiber and vitamin B 6, which help lessen nausea, vomiting, constipation, and if you are a healthy woman, it will help you lose weight. Besides, bananas contain carbohydrates which boost energy throughout the pregnancy.

Try to eat a considerable amount of green and fresh vegetables and colourful fruits, such as apples, berries, green leaves, etc.

Morning is the perfect time to eat fruits because it hydrates you and boosts energy and nutrients. If you grow a habit of consuming fruit, you may protect yourself and your embryo from the harmful effects of processed food.  You may get vitamin b6 from whole grain. Try to eat protein foods like beans, lean meat, chicken, Choose healthy fats like fatty fish,  olive oil, etc.

You may get daily vitamins and calcium, iron, and folic acid in the above food items. The above nutrients protect you from many diseases during pregnancy. Then better to avoid some fruits during pregnancy.

Avoid some fruits during pregnancy:

To increase the taste in pregnancy term, some fruits play a vital role. But overeating may be harmful to your embryo and your health too. So it will be better to avoid these types of fruits. Such as:

Tamarind: There are no pregnant women who do not like tamarind. Tamarind is full of vitamin C. More eating tamarind is the cause of miscarriage. 

The more tamarind you eat, the less production of progesterone. As a result, you may miscarry.

Pineapple: To get a healthy pregnancy, you should avoid pineapple. It has bromelain, an enzyme that cuts down protein. Consuming pineapple can lead to uterine compression. For this reason, there are more possibilities of miscarriage.

Grapes: Pregnant mothers’ digestion power is weak during pregnancy, so they can’t digest grape peels. As a result, there are chances of constipation which is harmful to the embryo and you. So you should carefully avoid eating grapes.

2. Drink Freshwater:  Pregnant lady needs more water for her digestion, reduces constipation, and creates new tissue, and generates more blood. Dehydration creates many problems for their womb babies. Aim to drink seven or more glasses of water per day.

3. Prenatal checkup: prenatal checkup is important for taking care of pregnancy. It can protect against low birth weight, Abnormal child, and other risks. Check your hemoglobin and insure the T.T vaccine from your doctor or health center.

It is essential to know if the pregnant mother is affected by any dangerous disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or HIV.  By taking the doctor’s advice, it is possible to reduce the risk to the health of a pregnant mother and her womb child.

Lack of prenatal checkup pregnant mother and her womb child may die without a successful delivery without bleeding.

4. Avoid some food while pregnant: A pregnant woman should avoid some food while pregnant. 

Such as:

  • Raw milk
  • Raw eggs, mayonnaise
  • Soft cheeses
  • Sea fish (because they’re high in mercury)
  • Unpasteurized meat, liver
  • Raw food can cause food poisoning. Thus can be the risk of a growing baby.

5. Keep away from alcohol and smoking: In pregnancy you should never drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol can cause pregnant women to have abnormal, behavioral, learning disabilities baby. And smoking also increases the risk of premature birth, congenital disabilities, low birth weight,  and other health problems.

So,during pregnancy keep away from these activities.

6.  Keep away from tea and coffee: Though coffee effectively reduces tiredness. limit your drink when you are pregnant. More cups of tea or coffee is one of the causes of low birth weight and creating the possibility of miscarriage. Oppositely caffeine causes insomnia.

7. Be active for expected delivery: Some activities can help you stay healthy during your pregnancy. Take suggestions from your doctor on which workout is right for you. In addition, exercise can help you to have a successful delivery.

8. Take a good sleep: Good Sleep at night at the just time. Sleep plays an important role for you and your womb baby. You need at least 10 hours of sleep, including 2 hours of nap.

 To take care of pregnancy, you should take care of your sleep. You may read another article named, `Tips For Good Sleep And Growing Good Sleep Habits.

9. Well behavior:  Remember good behavior and good memories while pregnant. Because it has effects on your embryo. Keep yourself away from stress, be happy. Stay cool in mind for improving birth outcomes.

10. Stay hygienic: The pregnancy period is susceptible for women’s bodies. The immunity system becomes very weak during pregnancy. Keep yourself and the surrounding environment clean. If anyhow bacteria or viruses affect you, that may harm your embryo and you. So, stay hygienic and be healthy for both of you.

A pregnant mother should not do any heavy work in the first three months and the last three months. You should avoid sex last three months with your life partner. It is better to take suggestions from your doctor about this. If you feel any problem, you should go to the doctor quickly. Be careful when using your washroom and going outside.

Wear a comfortable loose dress to feel fresh all the time. And think good things for your unborn baby.

 A healthy mother can raise a healthy baby. So it would be best if you took care of pregnancy.


What are the pregnancy care tips?

Answer: There are some pregnancy care tips: Eat a nutrient-balanced diet, Drink more water, Prenatal checkup, Avoid some food during pregnancy, Avoid tea and coffee, Be active for expected delivery, Take a sound sleep, Don’t be worried, etc.

What are the marks of a robust pregnancy?

Answer: There are five signs of a healthy pregnancy: 

  • Missed period
  • Weight gain
  • Embryo’s  moving 
  • Embryo’s right position
  • Embryo’s heartbeat

What is the wrong sign of pregnancy?

Answer: The lousy sign of pregnancy 

Overage or underage, Overweight or underweight, Before delivery bleeding, Burning of urination, Headaches, Pain of lower abdomen, Puffins, Moving, Convulsions, etc.

What happens if pregnant women never go to the doctor?

Answer: If you never go to the doctor while pregnant, you may not know the updated condition of your baby. It may increase the risk to the health of the expectant mother and her womb child. Lack of prenatal checkup pregnant mother and her womb child may die without a successful delivery without bleeding.

What should a pregnant mother eat to have a fair baby?

Answer: To get a fair baby, a pregnant lady should eat 

Milk, Egg, Cheery, Anmold, Organe, Banana.

What are the nutriments to skip while pregnant?

Answer: Avoid these fruits Tamarind, Pineapple, Grapes, etc., during pregnancy.

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