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How to develop your child with play

October 29, 2022
How to develop your child with play

Every child likes playing. It is essential for child development. When your little one plays with you or their friends, they have more fun and learn more things. Sports promote children’s physical, mental, social, and cognitive well-being.

Nowadays our household structure is changed and we are used to a hectic lifestyle. Our children are hard-working in their academic lessons. They run after their success. While running after triumph, we see many children become depressed. Why does this depression happen? Because they don’t include any leisure periods and happy moments. If they get any leisure, they unconsciously spend their time playing video games or watching TV cartoon programs. They don’t know how enjoyable and valuable the field game is! So, parents, grandpas, and teachers should help them to encourage games in the field.

Now a question arrives: Where do we find a field? I always agreed with this question. We lost our playground for faster civilization. But we still have many playing grounds in academic institutions for sports and games. And also many parks have big fields. But remember, every parent should remain present with them to protect and inspire their child.

What is free play?

Every child is unique. They like to present themselves in different ways and have special ideas. 

Free play is when children can feel full freedom to play everywhere. They can choose their game by their own choice, and select their toys, materials, and area or plot.

Top 10 benefits of playing in the field : 

The game is very easy to look at but faces many difficulties to play. Then the players make their solutions step by step, and they go ahead and complete their goals. In all these situations a child achieves many qualities. Such As:

  • Leadership
  • Creative thinking
  • Patriotism
  • Courage
  • Leads to discovery
  • Grow self-confidence
  • Builds a healthy body and mind
  • Promotes social connection and relationships
  • Life skills
  • Funny mood less stress

The importance of play in child development

Now in our society, every parent is a service holder. They are very busy except on holidays. They can not properly use their time for their children’s free games. It is very harmful to children’s development. But there has a positive way to make proper use of the time. Parents can manage children’s Grandpa and grandma or elders to play free games with them. Playing in outdoors with parents has many benefits. Day by day these advantages decrease significantly. Not only that parents have no time but also kindergarten children also lose their free games. 

On the other hand, we see some families who are very sincere about their children’s development. They believe that children are the future of tomorrow. So they use their time properly to make their little ones develop. They have a work plan. They take care of their lessons simultaneously with sports. Play is necessary for healthy brain development. It breaks children’s fear and makes them brave.

There is much importance in free games with parents. Parents can play a vital role as friends and facilitators with their children. They can make pleasant moments, do drawing projects, story-telling and poem reciting, play musical games, and other games. When children get unconditional love and positive support from their parents, they will not fall into any depression and, they will achieve

  • Love 
  • Happiness
  • Skills
  • Faith  
  • Confidence
  • And safety

After achieving these benefits baby will be interested in playing with other babies.

How to help your child to play with others?

Play is an essential part of the academic institution. Parents and teachers should inspire children to play in the field. When they play with each other, they get more opportunities to learn. Regular practice can manage social relationships and in this, they will perform better. They receive many rules, techniques, activities, creative ideas, languages, different senses, realizing, develop physical skills and they can take challenges of the future through their interaction. Free games help children to grow physically and mentally strong, give social esteem, and healthy cognitive well-being of children.

Parent and child’s good relationship bond helps unique development. We believe that the world needs skilled people who give the right direction. So, we hope children will prepare to be skillful leaders in every position. Remember, In our society, every child doesn’t lead their life in the same way. Some are ultra-poor, and some are rich. The poor children of our society can not get more facilities in their position. They need space to play and plenty of time. So, we should not have any restrictions for the poor children in our academic area, park, or any social place. 

Play is an enjoyable part of childhood. Include play routine in daily tasks. Supply them with playing materials. Allow them to play outdoors and indoors and thus make sure little ones create golden memories. Parent support is more valuable in a child’s life. Play with your child because there are many benefits of free play. The play offers the benefits of friendship and development. So we should create a safe environment where children can play safely without restrictions. 

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