Chicken Recipe

How To Make The Best Chicken Soup At Your Home

March 3, 2022
Chicken Soup

We all want to have delicious and nutritious food in a short time.  To take care of yourself under the pressure of thousands of hours of work, to build a healthy and strong body for your babies, to make a pleasant time with friends and family members, even during difficult periods of human when they can not eat by chewing such as in toothache. At this time chicken soup can give you proper take care. Chicken soup is always by your side. We can get unbelievable nutrients from delicious chicken soup.   

Chicken soup is great because it has a secret mystery. This content is beneficial for you to know about how to make the best chicken soup instantly. The mystery is the ingredients. 

Make the chicken soup with chicken and add some different fresh vegetables. Adding vegetables make your chicken soup authentic tastier and more tender.


Here are some simple ways to cook the best chicken soup

  • Boil the chicken as needed as you like 
  • Add vegetables and cook until tender 
  • Add some tasty spicy
  • Serve it light warmly

Some best tips to cook chicken soup

Once upon a time, my relative was very sick. She was so weak that she could not eat anything by chewing. She became weak day by day. Then I became worried and thought how can I take care of her. Because I know that only medicine can not take care of her properly. I also knew that food is the mother of good health.

Suddenly, I remembered there was one way still waiting for me. That was a chicken soup recipe. So I went to my kitchen immediately and tried to cook chicken soup in an easy-peasy way.

 Step 1: Firstly, I boiled one boneless beast chicken with four cups of freshwater, one spoon of ginger powder, one spoon of garlic powder, and added salt according to taste.

 Step 2: After boiling for twenty minutes, I left the breast chicken to cool. Then I shred the chicken finely and kept the chicken broth on another side with a cover.

Step 3:  Completing this phase, I kept a pot in medium-high flame on my stove. I melted one spoon of butter to fry the chopped carrot and thyme leaves. Carrot and thyme are both color combinations that are very nice and it makes the chicken soup look beautiful and taste flavorful. Everyone likes different vegetables, You can add your favorite vegetables.

Step 4: Next I added some tomatoes and green chilies finely chopped to increase the taste. I fried the vegetables for 15 minutes.

Step 5: I added the chicken broth and then slowly spread the chicken over all the pot, and then I started stringing slowly. 

 Step 6: After some boiling, I added two spoons of soya sauce, two spoons of chili sauce, and mixed them gently. In the meanwhile, I saw the vegetables were already boiled.

Step 7:  I mixed cornflower water to make a thick chicken soup. I poured cornflower water and started continuously stringing. Otherwise, it will freeze.

 Step 8: Next I saw its thickness. and I added one beaten egg to get more nutrients. Then I was still stringing too. 

Step 9: I added one spoon of black pepper for light spicy. Then I turned off my stove.

Step 10: After turning off the stove, I stirred one more time. When the high heat was gone, I added one slice of lemon juice. Because lemon juice has vitamin c and its vitamin gets lost in high heat. All these ingredients make the soup delicious and healthier for all. Overall, I had taken 45 minutes to cook the perfect chicken soup recipe.

The best ingredients which I used for delicious

  • Chicken 250gm
  • Water four cup
  • Butter one tablespoon
  • Salt as required
  • Ginger powder one tablespoon
  • Garlic powder one tablespoon
  • Pepper one tablespoon
  • Carrot one piece
  • Thyme leaves one tbspoon raughly chopped
  • Tomato one piece chopped
  • Green chili one tablespoon finely chopped
  • Soya sauce two tablespoon
  • Chili sauce two tablespoon
  • Cornflower two spoons with one cup of water
  • Egg one piece
  • Lemon one slice

In this way, I had taken proper care of my relative and did ensure that my relative became healthier day by day and gave her a handful smile. Besides, I also believe that chicken soup is so delicious and hearty, it will fill your mind with joy and supply nutrients instantly. Hope you must try to cook the best chicken soup in your kitchen.

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