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 Improve your Concentration Power While Studying In Scientific 12 Ways

May 13, 2023

Everyone wants to succeed. People should try to know some secret natural ways to increase focus and concentration. Students want to build their carrier. There are a vast number of students who leave their dream mid-way. Why is that? Because many of them can not hold their concentration for a long time. They need to study with total concentration for long hours. Concentration is very important in every work.

Attention and concentration can not catch everyone in same. It varies for some reason. Children can catch it easily but it is difficult for any aged person. Scientific research has enhanced the ability of brain training. Some games are very helpful for improving short-term memory. Such as puzzles, Chess, Sudoku, Brain- Stimulating video games, etc.

But many times children study hard all night when exams come. They forget their food and sleep. They fall into depression due to anxiety. Thus they try to reduce their anxiety by scrolling through the mobile or talking to someone. They lose concentration while studying. The environment results in a large effect on attention. A noisy environment may not improve concentration, on the other hand, a quiet cluttered environment provides higher energy during study. Lack of a favorable environment, Lack of nutritious meals and sleep, and lack of physical activities are the reasons for poor concentration.

Five factors of poor focus and concentration

  • Lack of a favorable environment
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Lack of exercise
  • Distraction

What is concentration?

When you spend your time learning and trying your best mentally that is called concentration.

12 Natural Ways To Increase Focus And Concentration

Room Set up: Choose an appropriate environment that is aesthetically comfortable and peaceful for study in your room. Set a desk and keep your textbooks, exercise books, and pens, markers, Calculator, Geometro box which is almost you need in your study time. Otherwise, you lost your time and concentrate to collect the study material when needed. During study time room temperature and lighting system is a great factor to focus your mindfulness. A silent environment is very important for deep learning and you can be productive in your lesson and get total concentration. So keep a quiet area.

Think goals: Think about your goal while studying. When you want to reach your goal you have to be an active student, patient, hard-working, and take challenges to yourself. Keep in mind never give up. Every subject might not be interesting and easy. But remember every lesson is important for success. Read every topic attentively and listen to the lecture carefully in your classroom. Make relate the topic to real life, share with your guides, and connect with others to get more information and experience. Ask them any query without being afraid. 

Stop destruction: Many people like to scroll phones, laptops, or tablets or watch TV and check the message on the phone for a bit of time, or call a friend to get suggestions before starting their study or work to sit in front of the reading table, Multiple activities hamper your work quality and provide lower productivity and lower focus and concentration. Phones and TV provide music, video, movie, etc which are sources of distraction. Keep it in mind and make distance while sitting during study time.

 If you want to set your total concentration on your study or work time, You should complete your emergency call or entertainment before study time. Or if you study by using the internet, stop at another new tab.

Clean the workplace: Always try to keep your study desk clean. Keep only study materials for better concentration. Set aside other materials such as unused pens, food containers, or unnecessary papers. Seeing these unnecessary materials can lead your mind to other thoughts and can reduce your focus and concentration while studying.

 Make an action plan:

The top ways to make an action plan are :

  • Make an action plan to ease your work.
  • Divide your full lesson into small tasks to get better learning. 
  • Find out some questions and its answer from your completed topics. 
  • Write down the topics in your notes.

 It will be better to improve your writing habits after reading and there is a chance of beautiful handwriting and the correct spelling and including some new won intelligence and creativity. Besides, you can see it in a short time while studying exam.

Some students like to write with music and some like to chew chocolate and nuts. You can choose what you like.

Maintain your schedule time: If you feel more energetic during the day, you can set study time in the day. It is better than night because lack of sleep is one of the reasons for less concentration. When you maintain your schedule time then other homework will complete at the right time, You can keep discipline in your family and you will be an idol for other people. It will decrease your study stress. you will see your progress in a few days.

Follow some easy techniques: Everyone likes to know their style. Make some note cards about your lessons. It is used to write some important vocabulary words, scientific names, terms, and some structures and diagrams that can help you learn detailed information in a short amount of time while revising. This method can serve you a reward after the test.

 Short break time: Take a short break after forty minutes of studying. Break time can reduce your stress and boredom. Research has shown that our brains can not take more things at once. If you read continuously for a long time you can not perform better. It needs to rest for fifteen minutes after forty minutes of studying. During break time you can enjoy some snacks to get energy, could walk in your garden, do some yoga few moments, or take a conversation with your friend. Taking short breaks pay more attention to studies.

Find a sensible and responsible student who is paying more attention to his studies. You can shear difficulties with him and get unique ideas to clear the confusion. This friend’s direction can motivate you to hard-working and concentrate more and your memory.

Be healthy: Choose good food which gives you nutrients and energy. It can help you with hard work. Avoid junk and sugar foods that give you drowsiness. A sleepy mood can make big trouble in your study. It may be you study for long hours but do not focus and concentrate on your lesson.

Say No: At the same time multiple activities hampers your ability to deep concentration. It would be better to say no or good bey to do everything work while studying.

Good sleep:  Make a special time for sleep as well as your study. Six to seven hours of sleep is enough for an adult. You will get more physical and mental health benefits from good sleep. Sound sleep can help you to focus on your study and increase concentration. A good night’s sleep provides a sharp brain and can develop memories and learning power. 

After a good night’s sleep, you can take your prayer. Prayer is a powerful way to reach your goal. It will solve your all great thoughts and reduce your stress and show the easy way to improve your concentration in studying.

Close to nature: Take a walking time in the early morning on the street. Looking at surrounding green plants, and the cooling air gives you refreshment and increases your productivity and mental sharpness. At that moment you can do some easy exercises that pay more attention in study.

For people who are practicing these natural ways each day and are determined to succeed, success is for them.

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