Indian Traditional Food

July 8, 2021
Indian traditional food

Indian Traditional Food

Due to India’s various regional and cultural cuisines, their Indian traditional foods have been coming to a multi-dimensional diversity. Their locally available spices have been added to make the taste even more delicious.

Once upon a time, this spice from India was bought by various countries in Europe and Asia to create a commercial market. From the Mughal period, especially the northern Indian cooking style has been influential in the Middle East and Central Asia to this day.

Here are the 15 Indian traditional foods list

Hyderabadi Biryani: Hyderabadi Biryani is the most accepted food in the world.   If you keep your meal with Hyderabadi biryani, you must be excited because its scent will make your mind fill with pleasure in a single moment.

During the Mughal regime in India, this unique cooking style came from Paris, known as dum.

Hyderabadi biryani’s ingredients are mainly basmati rice and meat. This fantastic food contains mutton, chicken. When other ingredients are included in the biryani for cooking, it makes delicious. Hyderabadi biryani is cooked with extra care. For this reason, this biryani is so tasty and smooth. This soft and light spice flavourful biryani will make you want to eat it again and again.

Rogan Josh: There is no doubt hearing the name of Rogan Josh, a lovely smile will see in your face. This is a Kashmiri dish. Rogan josh is cooked with both mutton and lamb. It is used a variety of aromatic spices which pleases you, and this recipe’s color is authentic. It also mixes yogurt. Including it makes a healthy, delicious dish.

Tandoori Chicken: Tandoori Chicken is the desired dish in North India. It keeps marinated with different spices and curd for at least two hours. After that, it would be roasted for one hour. When It is completed, it will spread a lovely scent. This dish can bring mouth-watering Because it is cooked over time.  Tandoori chicken makes naan and rice special.

Masala dosa: Masala dosa dish comes from south India. Veg and non-veg both like this food. Crispy masala dosa makes you happy and fulfilled. Masala dosa is like a flatbread stuffed with potatoes.

Dosa is made from rice and black gram.

Fast time rice and black grams deep into the water for 2 to 5 hours after good blend. Then keep it for fermentation for 8 hours. It is ready to dosa after fermentation. Potato stuffing is made with aromatic spices. Both combinations make delicious snacks masala dosa. Masala dosa is more flavourful with chutney

Aloo Paratha: Aloo Paratha is one kind of dish of Punjab. It can give an attractive taste in the morning. Aloo paratha is a very accepted  Indian flatbread that is served in most kitchens in India.

Aloo paratha is made with potato mix. You can get energy in a short time and can digest it easily. It is easy to cook in a short time.

Paneer tikka: Paneer tikka of panjab is very famous. It is a special dish for vegetarians.  It can fill the requirement of protein. Paneer tikka is easy to make. Different varieties of spice such as chili, the paste of garlic and ginger, turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala mix well in yogurt and then add small pieces of paneer, capsicum, and onion. Again it marinates smoothly and ready to bak.

At the baking time, a tiny amount of butter is spread on paneer tikka. All the ingredients of paneer tikka make it so soft and juicy.

Momos: Momoes look very lovely, and their taste is so juicy. You get momos in different shapes, and it fills differently.

Some momos are made of chicken, and some are vegetables. Momos are delicious with tomato chutney. Momos are great in Sikkim. During office hours, Tiffen time, or walking time in the afternoon, you can enjoy momos wonderfully. 

Dhokla: Dhokla is the most popular spongy soft snack. It comes from Gujarat.  It is easy to cook in a short time. Dhokla is cooked by steam, and basically, it needs to be cooked with gram flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder.

It is used for decorating with lemon juice, grind coconut, coriander leaves, green chili, and mustard seeds.  It is as delicious to eat as it is pleasant to look at Dhokla.   

Idli: The south Indian people like Idli very much. In the morning, soft and spongy idli is a very delicious and healthy breakfast. It Is served with fish curry, sambar, and coconut chutney.

Idli is made from two ingredients: rice and black lentils by steaming. First, soak it separately for five hours and then blend it smoothly. Again mix them well with salt and keep for fermentation for two hours. After it becomes fluffy and ready to be better for idli, it can fulfill and satisfy you. 

Sambar: Sambar is a favorite curry dish in Tamil Nadu. Its taste is so excellent because of its nutrients. They add many kinds of vegetables and lentils. At the end of cooking curry sambar, mix tamarind water. So its flavor is very delicious. Sambar is great for making a tasty side dish for another dish.

Mawa kachori: Mawa kachori is a traditional food of Rajasthan. The main ingredients of mawa kachori are mawa, nuts, flour, ghee, and sugar which contain nutrients. Mawa is an excellent snack for entertainment, hanging out with friends, and a beautiful snack for morning or afternoon. Mawa kachori is also crispy and so juicy.

Chaat: Chaats are the most accepted street food in India. There is no wonder in eating excessively. Chaats are so delicious.

Laddu:  Almost everybody likes laddu.  The Indian traditional food laddu is represented as a dessert. Many kinds of laddu include coconut laddu, cashew nut laddu, besan Rava laddu, suji Rava laddu. Motichur laddu etc. laddu can continue the pleasure of any occasion.

Pani puri: Pani puri is the Indian street food of Kolkata, which is frying a sink of oil. Its size is small, and it is stuffed with potato, cucumber, coriander, green chili, and onion. It is served with tamarind water. Its brown color and spice make you want to eat again and again. 

Masala chai: A cup of masala chai is excellent at the end of the daily work, reducing tiredness or leisure period. There are no alternative drinks to the nutritional value of masala chai. By preparing masala chai, cardamom and ginger are mixed with tea leaves in hot water to make a fresh flavor. To get a strong flavor, can use black pepper, cinnamon, clove, milk, and sugar.

Masala chai is specially made with time and patience, so many Indian people like it.

Hold the Moment of bliss with your favorite Indian traditional food.

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